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What, when and how do we pray?

Prayer is plain and simple is our communication with Spirit/The Light/God, as we understand that energy to be. How we do it really doesn’t matter. Some hit their knees, others do it before they fall asleep, while driving in the car or a whole host of other ways. It’s a personal communication between yourself and your creator. In my eyes and from what I’ve felt when I Read clients, it doesn’t matter what, how when or why we pray. The fact is that we are talking with the “God” energy we know is around us. When we communicate we deepen our relationship and co-existence with this energy. I’ve always thought of Spirit as a friend of mine who loves me unconditionally and I can talk about anything with and at anytime, anywhere. For me I don’t posses a feeling of guilt or shame, I feel free and accepted. The open communication has worked for me.

What is it like for you?

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