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Gardian Angels Vs. Guides

We are always watched. That seems intrusive and embarrassing for some. I think of the Angels as teacher’s assistance for Light/Spirit. The Angels are responsible for helping us to grow through what it is we picked to achieve in this lifetime. The Guides have the road map for what we need to accomplish here on the earthly plane. The Guardian Angels help to facilitate and steer us into the directions we need to go. I think of them as our rudder in life. There is collaboration between the Guides and Guardian angels working toward the prime directive, us. This coloration is the planning stage for what way things need go based on the free will we elicit at every moment. At times we may do or say something that shifts the path we are on. The deck of cards as I like to call it has to get reshuffled redirect our path back toward the prime directive. This happens nearly constantly throughout our life. If you take a moment you can reflect and see this has been happening all along. People say that needed to happen so that would have happened or if this didn’t happen then this wouldn’t have occurred.

I am grateful to all of the help through my Guardian Angels and Guides they have kept me alive and growing in this world.

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