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 With Armand Out of Office in NJ, NY, PA*
Please Note: Only the person(s) signed up for the Reading may attend unless otherwise prearranged. 

*Please note there is a travel fee of $1/mile Round Trip

 medium/psychic sessions 

60 minute

Individual private session $225

 30 minute

Individual private session


 Group medium/psychic sessions 

Family and Friends 2 person session up to 90 minutes $350

3-5 Person Gallery Up to 90 minutes

$150 per person

Private Group Read - up to 10 people - 30 minutes per person $150 per person

10+ Person Gallery

(up to 5 people read)

 Up to 90 minutes

$50 per person


Private Meditation  30 minute session


Private Meditation 60 minute session $100


Life Coaching

30 minute session


Life Coaching

60 minute session


 tapping work

Tapping also known as:

(EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique) Reduces/removes fears/emotions/intensities


30 minute session



60 minute session


 past life regression

Past Life Regression 

90 minute session