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We are the Light

What is the Light? For me the Light is the energy behind the creation of everything in existence. We think of energy or what is behind creation as light or having a shape or form. Energy can give off light and may also work in silence without being seen. We feel the wind around us and it can move leaves on a tree, but we don’t see the air. For those who are religious, I believe the Light is part of the essence of what they believe is God or Spirit. No matter what name we have for “God” what we seek is Love, truth, understanding and ultimately good, from my experiences this comes from the same root Light energy. This is not in any way to diminish or question or put down religion. It goes along with the prime directive religion teaches, which is forgiveness, love and growth. Most who keep their "God" in their heart and daily life work toward growing development of change. So often people communicate with the Light developing their personal relationship and asking for help, guidance and change in their lives. When I say we are the Light I mean we are all from the origin of the life force behind the creation of existence. We are part of existence therefore we are part of what created existence thus we are part of the Light of existence. We ultimately work to move toward the Light of higher understanding, Love and our own evolution as a soul in eternal existence.

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