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Suicide and Hell

Suicide is so devastating to everyone who knew the person who chose to take their life. People are conflicted and are unsure if the person goes to “hell” or if they are able to go to heaven. When I do readings the number of people who come to me after a loved one has committed suicide is very high. I have never felt a person has gone to a place where there is no love. What I receive from those who have passed is a sense they are in spirit, with God.

When we go to heaven everything is gone over and weighed out. From what I’ve received we enter heaven and we go to the level of heaven that we need to go to. Most go enter as most do and are with their loved ones nearly immediately. Others need time to acclimate to being in heaven and may have a delay before being able to fully accept being in heaven. Others who were angry in life and were destructive are placed in an area of heaven where major growth and development are available. They may choose to grow or they may choose to remain in this area and not move forward.

Almost every suicide has one or a combination of the following; depression, another type of mental health disorder, alcohol or drug consumption use/abuse. Remember when we move into spirit any and all of these factors disappear. We no longer have any earthly afflictions. What is left is the true person. This soul is loved and helped to view and understand what happened to them. The person who committed suicide becomes part of the effort to help those who they left behind. I say so often; they are responsible for cleaning up the emotional spilled milk. They become part of the healing we need to do in the aftermath.

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