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Should I go to the grave?

When we visit the burial sight of our loved ones happens in three different ways. People either go to the grave frequently, on holidays or anniversaries or not at all. Some people put flowers, candles, a grave blanket and bring things that were special to that person. I think its nice when people desire to pay tribute to their loved ones. Having said that it’s important to understand if we go to the grave or not the other side can hear us. We can honor our loved ones in many ways outside of the graveyard too. I’m not putting down anyone who feels the need to pay tribute in his or her own way. Having said that at times people think their loved ones are upset if they don’t go to the grave. Honestly, from all I’ve felt/received/gotten from the other side, they are ok with us doing what we feel we need to do. If we talk to our loved ones in our own way away from the graveyard our loved ones are good with that. The main thing is communication with them and the other side. Staying connected by communicating in our minds, out loud or in any way people are comfortable doing is acceptable to them. Remember they can see, hear and feel in a way we could only imagine. They love us and understand us better now more than ever.

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