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Can they hear me?

Can they hear me? This has been a question I've gotten from clients in readings and when I'm interviewed for radio and conferences. The answer is YES. It's important to remember the other side can hear us if we say, think or feel our thoughts. There is a depth of understanding, deeper than we could imagine. Our feelings in our heart, any emotions, thoughts, feelings and intentions are felt thoroughly and completely. When we feel, think or speak the other side hears us. I've often said when we speak the universe hears us. Through hearing us our loved ones, spirit guides can help steer us in directions to bring learning, relief and understanding. We will be a part of that total understanding when we reach spirit/heaven. I talk to my Mom, brother, spirit guides and "God" all the time. It's important to me to stay in a conscious contact with the other side. Keeping that relationship with them helps me to maneuver through this life and grow more then if I was doing this life myself. When I feel like I'm moving through this world with the aid of spirit I feel better knowing they have my back.​

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