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Everything in life has a beginning, middle and an end. My reaction to this depends on what the topic/issue or situation is. I'm happy when I’m sick and that comes to an end. I'm not very happy when the ending is something unpleasant. Of course if I'm enjoying myself riding roller coasters and the park is closing I'm not very happy about that ending.

Even though something that is unpleasant comes to an end I've noticed good has come out of what I've learned and gained spiritually/emotionally/self-understanding. The insight and growth I've experienced and gained from every experience is what has made me who I am today. I believe this is true for everyone. Here is where the problem comes in. If I resist or stay too long in the grief or upset of the ending I don't grow. I find it's ok to feel our feelings and go through the process we need to go through. If we spend too much time in the "why me" part of change, this can be counter productive. This leads to acceptance being the answer to every issue I go through, good or bad. I find even when I wallow in not wanting to accept and ending, there is a beginning, middle and end to that too when I get unstuck and accept that situation for being what it is at this moment. The answer is to feel what you need to and understand the process as a necessary part of growth, change and untimely development. It may take time = This I must earn. We need to earn the change and growth over time.

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