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Lessons repeated untill learned.

I don't think anyone can deny this. My entire live has been growing, learning, developing, maturing and healing. The only way any of these could be achieved is by the lessons I've encountered. I use to get mad and or scared when I had to go through a lesson. I would say why me? My 12-step recovery sponsor would say to me "why not you, what makes you so special that you can't go through the situations that teach you?" Every word he said was true. When I go through hard times I just repeat to myself, "this is just a lesson". I also say if it doesn't kill me I'm going to grow from it. I look back on my life and I can see I needed to go through everything I went through to get me where I'm at today. I don't like the way life feels at times but I can tell you it's a comfort knowing it will untimely teach me something and help me to grow. Of course I love it when everything is going well and I’m hitting all the green lights in life.

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