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What gender are we in Heaven?

I was performing a reading today and the client asked me if we have gender when we die. It was an interesting question I've gotten over the years. I thought this would be a great blog topic. I have to say when I read I can feel the loved one coming through from the position in the family they played. I also can feel a gender when they come through but this is to help me to let the client know who I'm getting for them. When I feel the energies from the other side I don't in general feel they have a gender. There is a neutral feeling when It comes to the energies after they identify themselves. I can feel their loving energy and the messages they convey to me. To me when I feel the other side it's all about love, understanding and development. The communication is one of help and guidance with out labels. It feels like the energies are all plugged into the same vein of existence of love and light.

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