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Sign sign everywhere a sign

Do you get signs? Its rare that I find people who have never gotten a sign in some way shape or form. Many know they have gotten a sign from a loved one. A smaller handful say they wish they would receive a sign from spirit or a loved one. People ask me from time to time how do I get a sign? How do I know it is my loved one? Here is the answer, contract with them. It's important we contract by making an agreement with our loved one or our guardian angels and or our spirit guides. For example if you have a Mom who has passed and you don't know what their sign is, choose one. If you want to make the sign feathers or a particular bird or a number sequence such as 111/222/333, you simply choose what you want it to be. Once you have chosen that sign and know who you want that sign to be from you can then wait for that sign to occur in your day. It will almost always come at the exact time you need it to happen. It will catch you off guard and you will know it is from that loved one. At any time you can change the assigned sign and contract it to be something different if you like.

My signs happen to be consecutive numbers for my guardian angels to let me know they are there. My sign for my grandmother my sign is the piano piece Clair De Lune by Debussy. My Guides show me a yellow Volkswagen beetle as a sign that I'm going in the right direction and everything is going as planned.

It's exciting and a comfort when the signs start to unfold.

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