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Want and Need

I want what I want when I want it. I think it's human nature to want and to want more. I think self preservation gets linked up with want and desire. All of this got swirled together making it confusing to me as to what was a need and what was a want and how much of each to strive for. The solution I was given when making a choice was to decide if its a want or is it a need. Putting this into motion helps to refine my desire versus survival needs. When I learned I couldn't have what I wanted when I wanted it, I turn to Spirit/God to help deceiver and meter my drives.

I was lost in alcohol and drug addiction and my want was king. It was imperative after entering a 12 step program to turn my will and life over to the care of a higher power. I needed for my survival to turn my want over to an energy that knew more about recovery from living in a world gluttony. I had to learn for what felt to be the first time, how to live life without drugs and alcohol. I found that my needs are important and filling my life with what I literally need is vital. Want is not wrong but understanding which wants could hurt me is important. I learned to always keep an awareness of want vs. need.

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