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Staying in the solution

Years ago when I would scare myself with thinking I knew the negative outcome to situations in my life. I would repeatedly think the worst case scenario was going to happen. I spent so many sleepless nights in worry and despair. So convinced the worst was about to happen, I would put into motion how I was going to get out of a mess that had not even occurred. I learned over time that most of what I worried about didn't end up happening. For most, when we grow up in homes or in relationships where life is unpredictable, we tend to become good predictors. We try and figure out what's going to happen so we are prepared. We work on not getting caught off guard.

It took a number of years of practicing not to go into the mode of "its going to happen I know it". I remember I went into the "what if" mode. Worry of what if "it" happens was replaced with the feeling that the bad would definitely occur. I've now moved into not being afraid of things happening. I stay in the moment and I don't dwell in the future. I have a level of faith that things will turn out the way it's going to no matter if I worry or not. I stay in the day as much as I can. I can be concerned about the future, but I don't worry.

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