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Giving Thanks On This Day

I was reflecting back on what thanks giving means to me. In so many ways it's about being grateful for what I have and not what I don't have. It means not only on Thanksgiving but on all days to be a person who is a "giver" to people. To bring light where there is darkness and misunderstanding to those around me. I remember a 12 step sponsor in the beginning of my recovery 28 years ago use to point to me and say "Hey want what you already have". and "If you do that you'll never wish you had more then you can handle". This man helped me to gain an understanding of who I am in this world and my responsibility to self and others. He use to say to me, "When you complain about not having nice shoes, think of those that have no feet". So often he would say these things to me that made me stop and think and recalibrate my thinking and attitude.

Unfortunately most often after the holidays a majority of people go back to their routine. Some don't carry the idea of giving and helping with them as their motto. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I tend to lean in the direction of "how can I help".

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