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Can my loved ones hear me?

Can my loved ones who have passed hear me? The answer is yes. I get this questions very often from people in their readings. Souls don't die, they transition to spirit. The transition is into a different frequency. I know this sounds crazy to some, but everything on this earthly plane and in existence has a frequency/vibration. When we transition into spirit our frequency changes and we are then on that radio station so to speak. In readings I tell people if the earthly plane is 101 on the FM dial and Spirit/Heaven is at 105, I stand at 103 listening to 105 and delivering it to 101. I've been able to tune into that frequency to hear/know/get/receive information from those who are in that transition. Its important to keep in mind everyone has the ability to tune in. Think about how many people you know who have given you examples of what they have heard or received from the other side.

Our loved ones can hear not only what we say out loud but also what we think in our minds. More importantly they can literally feel what we feel in our hearts, our true feelings. Its as if our loved ones have their finger on our pulse of existence. So it doesn't matter if we go to the gravesite to talk to them or in bed in the morning or night. They can hear us at anytime and in any place.

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