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Face Everything And Rise

When I was growing up I had a Mom who helped me to have courage and to ignore fear. Of course I couldn't help but to be in fear at times over all those years. I called my fear the what if wheel. I would think what if that happens or what if this happens. I used fear as a motivator to get homework done at the last minute. When I was active in my addiction with drugs and alcohol I would stir up fear in me so I would have something to "medicate". Before I learned how to look at fear I would process fear as Future Events Appear Real or False Evidence Appears Real.

In recovery over the years I have been educated on how to look at fear differently. FEAR= Face Everything And Recover and Face Everything And Rise. Recalibrating the way I look at fear has helped me to have a better quality of life. Fear to me is immobilizing. It has me stand in one spot afraid to move forward and in all reality I start to move backward. I work rather on staying in what can I do about the problem/issue/hurdle in front of me. At times waiting to do something about something can fit too. It's taking positive action when appropriate. Things always work themselves out and I can be a part of making that easier rather then working against it.

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