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Consecutive numbers, angel numbers are such a reassurance. I see these numbers nearly each day, without even searching for them. On two occasions I saw them in that order by the end of the day. Usually I will see at least one of the three numbers one time in a day or two times. People ask me all the time what are these numbers about? My explanation for the numbers are, they are angel numbers. It is a way for the angels, spirit, loved ones to let us know they are there and on the job watching over us. We are never alone, although at times we can feel like it. These numbers are a gentle reminder we are being chaperoned by the other side. The other sides job in large part is to help not only their own soul growth but also the growth of our souls on the earthly plane. Our advancement is part of their advancement. We may have other signs we are shown instead of the consecutive numbers such as feathers, birds, coins and so on. These signs we are shown can be equally as important as the numbers. If you have a specific sign you wish to see from a loved one who has passed, ask for it. Make the contract of what you want the sign to be and to which energy who has transitioned to the other side. Contracting the sign with our loved ones is the way we can ensure we are on the same page between the earthly plane and our loved ones in spirit.

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