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Finding your peace of mind

I looked at this photo this morning and I paused for a moment. Running through my head was how profound this photo is to me. I wait for the next person who is meant to sit with me as I act as the conduit for spirit/guardian angels and guides to send their messages through me. Completing the circuit of information is vital in people’s lives. I've always thought of it as a huddle between the person on this earthly plane and the other side/guardian angels/guides and loved ones. We huddle and iron out the necessary information and misunderstandings. The air is cleared with the person and the other side and a new way of looking at themselves and life can be felt/seen and lived. I find this moment of conception to be very sacred. There are other helping sources such as clergy, therapists, loved ones and others who guide us in life. All of their help is vital too. It feels that a reading is different in its own way. I do believe that spirit can talk through all of us to help those who are around us.

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