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Our insides and outsides

I was thinking today how often I hear people in my daily life and during readings who judge themselves by what they think others think of them. There are two ways to think of opinions, fact or fiction. When we think we know what a person is thinking of us this is fiction. When we actually know what a person feels this is obviously fact. Even when we know what a person factually feels about us, it doesn't mean we absolutely need to own or agree with the "fact" that was given to us. I've said to so many people its like a traffic light Red equals no I won't own it, yellow equals I will think about owning it and green is agreeing to own the information given to us. We have a choice. This entire topic comes up very often during a reading. The feelings and emotions of peoples loved ones comes shining through. "What does my Dad think of me now". It's important first and foremost what we think of ourselves. We are the captains of our ship.

Having said all of this, I can identify with judging myself by what others think of me. It's my feeling we all do it to a certain degree, it's part of life. If we didn't care about what anyone thought of us we would have another issue. The important piece of it is take what you can use to improve yourself from someone’s opinion and leave the rest.

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