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  Individual Sessions  with Armand Out of Office  - International 

 Please note prices are TBD for sessions depending on socio-economics of the country.


Go to the Request page to make arrangements for services in other countries. 

 medium/psychic sessions

 30 minute

private session

Price TBD

60 minute

private session Price TBD

3-5 Person Gallery Up to 90 minutes

Price TBD

Family and Friends 2 person session up to 90 minutes Price TBD

Private Groups - up to 10 people - 30 minutes per person Price TBD

10+ Person Gallery

 Up to 120 minutes

Price TBD


Private Meditation 

30 minute session $75

Private Meditation

60 minute session $150


Life Coaching

30 minute session


Life Coaching

60 minute session


 tapping work


30 minute session



60 minute session


past life regression

Past Life Regression

90 minute session

Price TBD