November 29, 2018

Can they hear me?  This has been a question I've gotten from clients in readings and when I'm interviewed for radio and conferences.  The answer is YES.  It's important to remember the other side can hear us if we say, think or feel our thoughts.  There is a depth of u...

November 28, 2018

I was performing a reading today and the client asked me if we have gender when we die.  It was an interesting question I've gotten over the years.  I thought this would be a great blog topic.  I have to say when I read I can feel the loved one coming through from the...

November 26, 2018

As with most people I often like to know the outcome of what is coming up in my life.  I'd like to have the future predictable so I won't get caught off guard.  This need comes from growing up in a dysfunctional household where things were not always predictable.  I re...

November 25, 2018

Do you get signs?  Its rare that I find people who have never gotten a sign in some way shape or form. Many know they have gotten a sign from a loved one.  A smaller handful say they wish they would receive a sign from spirit or a loved one.  People ask me from time to...

November 24, 2018

I want what I want when I want it.  I think it's human nature to want and to want more.  I think self preservation gets linked up with want and desire.  All of this got swirled together making it confusing to me as to what was a need and what was a want and how much of...

November 23, 2018

Years ago when I would scare myself with thinking I knew the negative outcome to situations in my life. I would repeatedly think the worst case scenario was going to happen.  I spent so many sleepless nights in worry and despair.  So convinced the worst was about to ha...

November 23, 2018

I was reflecting back on what thanks giving means to me.  In so many ways it's about being grateful for what I have and not what I don't have.  It means not only on Thanksgiving but on all days to be a person who is a "giver" to people.  To bring light where there is d...

November 21, 2018

Can my loved ones who have passed hear me?   The answer is yes.  I get this questions very often from people in their readings.  Souls don't die, they transition to spirit.   The transition is into a different frequecny.  I know this sounds crazy to some, but everythin...

November 20, 2018

When I was growing up I had a Mom who helped me to have courage and to ignore fear.  Of course I couldn't help but to be in fear at times over all those years.  I called my fear the what if wheel.  I would think what if that happens or what if this happens.  I used fea...

November 19, 2018

Consecutive numbers, angel numbers are such a reassurance. I see these numbers nearly each day, without even searching for them. On two occasions I saw them in that order by the end of the day. Usually I will see at least one of the three numbers one time in a day or t...

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